Saturday, January 24, 2015

Netflix, Y'all Don't Know Me!

This afternoon an email landed in my inbox from Netflix. Teasing me in the subject line with the words, Carla, we just added a movie you might like. I had to open it to find out they were recommending The Interview. The Interview?!? Seriously? Such an assumption indicates that the Netflix people don't pay the teensiest amount of attention to the ratings I have bestowed upon various series and movies with their cute little stars. Because I have zero, yes, zero desire to see this movie. Based on viewing the trailer prior to a movie I wanted to see, I figured I had seen the high points of the film already and did not choose to invest any more time in it. I expect that The Interview has garnered a bigger audience and made more money than it would have had it been released in regular studio fashion. The brouhaha surrounding Sony pulling it from theaters and then putting it back made it seem much more intriguing than I suspect it actually is. Which leads me to believe That Sony employed a similar marketing ploy to the New Coke/Classic Coke debacle of 1985. Thanks, Netflix, but no thanks. Now please recommend a movie that I'll actually enjoy. And do alert me if Glee, Season 5 ever shows up available for streaming.


Lil Sister said...

I think Netflix sent that email to ALL their subscribers : /

Bellona of Avalon said...

You mean I'm not special? ;-)