Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Comfort of Laughter

Laughter is healing. I am relieved as well as grateful to have arrived at this point. When I think of my brother Cullen it trends toward being a happy thing rather than a sad thing. At nearly three and a half years since his death I know that I'll likely still experience some anger and angst over his much too early demise. But mostly of late I remember how much we laughed together, how goofy he could be, and how many standing jokes we had. Like the classic Kliban comic above, if one of us said aardvark, or heard the word on tv or in a nearby conversation, we would feel compelled to finish out the comic by reciting the rest of the lines. Then laugh hysterically. Especially if there were others around who weren't in on the joke. Little brothers can surely be a pain in the ass, but just as easily they can grow into the very best kind of friend. Everybody now....aardvark! 

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