Monday, October 8, 2012

Bud Light, With Lime

Up here in the near north country, there are tasks that must be accomplished before winter sets in. One of them is to decommission the beer fridge in the garage. Nobody likes a beer slushy. If anyone insists that it's fine, okay, they'll drink it anyway, they are likely of Norwegian descent and don't want the host to feel bad. This person would also feel guilty about wasting a beer. Don't put this kind of pressure on your drinking buddies. Do this now. Go out to the garage, remove all contents from the beer fridge and bring them to the refrigerator inside the house. Turn the garage fridge to its lowest setting. Don't unplug it! You will not, I repeat, will not remember to go out and plug it in again when those first few warm days show up next spring. When you do go out and open it, you will be confronted by a scummy mildew monster of epic proportions. Turning it down to a very low setting and leaving it plugged in will ensure that this does not happen. Trust me, you will spend more on disinfectant and a gas mask for cleaning it up than you will spend on the teensy amount of electricity used. My dilemma at this moment is what to do with this can of Bud Light with Lime. It has sentimental value, sort of a souvenir from the sisters trip to KC. When Pam went back down to the pool to retrieve her sunglasses, the fellows we had been chatting with earlier handed her this beer. Being a well-bred Southern gal, she accepted it graciously. But none of us had the slightest desire to drink it. So I brought it home and deposited it in the garage fridge. Where it has resided for the last three months. If Bud Light with Lime is your favorite brewski, drop on by. I just happen to have one.


LindaCO said...

I would be tempted to keep it for a bit longer, for sentimental reasons. Brrrr.

Bellona of Avalon said...

Pam said I should keep it as an emergency scurvy preventative!