Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Poetry Month?

We're almost to the end of poetry month. So I thought I'd post a poem, one that I wrote seven years ago, but one that applies so well to my current state of mind. 

As Good as it Gets

So much that we require
Can peacefully coexist.
Some things rule out the other,
It’s only human to resist
The choosing
Of one passion over another.
Rendering your desires
An impossibly distant dream
Too arduous to acquire.
What if having it all
Is the privilege of a restful night
And waking, smiling, loving
Beside the one you cherish and admire.
One more day inside the light,
Within the comfort and the warmth
Of shared commitment, souls inspired.
Space for breathing and for laughter
To explore the esoteric,
The now, before and after,
The we of you and I
Yet to be discovered.

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