Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Preposterous Pile Update II

Another cd-eating stereo is gone. So are both of the dilapidated folding chairs. Did I mention that the vinyl seats on both of these chairs is mostly disintegrated? And that they are rusty? And that whatever cushioning material that once existed under the ripped vinyl is either missing or crunchy? These chairs can be carbon-dated for their age by their avocado green color all the way back to the 70's! Also missing are the two white plastic oblong planters. I thought they were a good idea for the front yard about 15 years ago. Fourteen years ago they were moved to the back yard. They have been languishing behind the garden shed for twelve years. After all that rejection I am happy that they have found a new home. Oddly, the waterbed drawer pedestal is gone. But only the framework! The six drawers remain. The carpet pad is still there. People! This is a roll of premium quality virginal carpet pad! Where are your priorities?!?

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