Thursday, January 31, 2013

Six Candles

Six years ago today I sat down at my computer, logged onto the internets and wrote my first blog post. And here we are. Six years later. Still no flying cars. Still no food replicators. Still no magical pill to make your muffin tops disappear over night. We have learned that pink is not a color. And I have been on more than my quota of bad/weird/insufferable first dates than I care to think about. On the bright side, I'm still here. Relentlessly optimistic and living inside a newfound sort of peace and gratitude and happiness. I revel in small, everday joys. I enjoy the company of some pretty wonderful friends and family. And should I cross over the diva line and behave in a shrewish manner, Newton and Einstein have a merciless way of putting me in my place. Scooping poop establishes the pecking order with brutal certainty. So thanks. For showing up here to read whatever shakes out of my brain on any given day. Now, go eat cake.