Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Love The West Wing

The Presidential entourage is leaving a fancy schmancy function. After trouping through a labyrinthine series of stairwells and corridors, they finally exit the building where cars are waiting to whisk them off. Of course, there has been snappy dialog throughout. On the street, Josh's enthusiastic groupies are ecstatic to see him so up close and personal.

Josh's groupies: (all gushing and giggling and in chorus) Josh! We love you!

CJ: (to the groupies, with a sidelong glance at Josh) It helps not to know him!



Li'l Sister said...

Aaron Sorkin rocks!!!

I, too, just added The West Wing to my instant queue.

Now I can watch an episode when I get home from work to distract me while I get used to living alone.

That is without other humans :\

colleen said...

Living alone without TV is a problem? Sounds like a great opportunity to grab a book, take a class, start a business ...

... but that probably speaks more to my situation. ; )

Li'l Sister said...

I have a TV I just don't have cable. I do have Netflix however, which is way, way better than cable and much more affordable.

My free time is spoken for with books, Bible study and keeping the house up.

Just missing my boy :`)

Bellona of Avalon said...

And I seriously love the West Wing!

Hang in there my empty nest sis!

Colleen, I expect there is an enormous difference between alone and lonely. With or without others around.

Crazy said...

I've been slowly going through them, took a break for a bit. Up to Season 5 now. :)

Bellona of Avalon said...

The West Wing rocks!