Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Designation "D"

It has occurred to me that as far as post-divorce dating is concerned, the D's have it. Not only as a standard letter grade which indicates below average work, but how often accurate descriptive words begin with the fourth letter of the alphabet. They are duds and disappointing, rarely rising above mere distractions. One or two were downright deceptive. One was definitely deviant. Defective, decrepit, deficient degenerates who wasted my time and energy. I hate to sound disgruntled and disgusted, but I have fully explored the darker side of D and have decided it's time to cross over into the light. Where I might find a delightful dimpled darling. Make the acquaintance of a dignified man dressed in durable denim who desires to deliver the devotion I deserve. Who deliciously denotes a dash of devilish depravity. Delectable like dessert. But displaying diligence of a different determination. Desperation and doubt desist! I dare to dauntlessly dream of a dashing, deep and dynamic destiny.


Li'l Sister said...

Is Designation "D" in response to blog entry entitled Daily Dose of Destiny?

Bellona of Avalon said...

We shall see, Li'l Sis, we shall see.