Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten Things I Learned Last Weekend

1. Osborne Village is a lovely Winnipeg neighborhood.

2. Starbucks is ubiquitous, everywhere, and nearly unavoidable.

3. I cannot simultaneously convert Canadian $'s to American $'s while converting litres to gallons. Making the purchase of petrol confusing.

4. Eat here! Eat here! Eat here! And if that wasn't clear enough, eat here!!!

5. I pine for the retro slingback pumps with the lacy vamp in that store window on Osborne. Sigh. The store was closed. Sigh.

6. You don't have to go Down Under to meet a handsome and charming Australian man. You just have to go to this Aussie themed bar. Oh, and Nolan the bartender is most attentive and personable.

7. I love valet parking.

8. Colleen and I are as opposite as can be, yet we love each others' company and are the best of friends.

9. It is definitely not excessive to eat shrimp twice in one day. It is, however, decadent and deeply satisfying. I recommend it.

10. Tequila has absolutely no effect on Colleen! I can't be sure, though, because tequila has a most delightful and profound effect on me. Maybe the blue margaritas contain more booze...


colleen said...

I KNEW I should have made you delete that photo of me, Carla. ARGH!!

Though it's only been re-opened for a week or so, let's all hope that Tomato (#4) has a long, successful run. Comfortable atmosphere, nice people, INCREDIBLE food. (I'm wondering if the chef knows about "Next Food Network Star"; I'm sure he could give everyone a run for their money!)

Bellona of Avalon said...

You're cute, and you look fab in my sunglasses!

I tried to find a website for Tomato to link up to, but only found review or location sites that didn't give much information. If/when they have one I'll devote an entire post to them.

colleen said...

Sorry, I still HATE that photo, despite the fun we were having when it was taken! Never noticed 'til now how pronounced the scar is from Syd biting my upper lip early on. (Should anyone care, Sydney is my "rescued" Moluccan Cockatoo.)

Carla's right. The "off to see the lizard" margarita (shown in said photo) had virtually NO effect on me.

We DID have a great time, though, and met some wonderful people...who I'm hoping to keep as friends.

Good good, good fun, good friends. Nothing makes for a better trip!