Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lovely Things

Yesterday was lovely in two very unexpected ways. Firstly, when I logged onto Facebook yesterday I discovered that a very dear friend had tagged me in a post. Clicking over to the post, I saw that he called attention to the story by alerting his writer friends. Friends he considers writers. Including me! James considers me to be a writer! I danced around about that the rest of the morning. The second lovely thing was when I checked the snailmailbox and found tucked amidst the snailspam an actual piece of personal mail. It turned out to be a most lovely thank you card from the previous owners of my house. Nestled in the card was a gift card for Starbucks! Let's back up a few weeks to when I was still primarily occupied with the unpacking of boxes and the putting away of things. I was busy cleaning out all the closets and cupboards in preparation to receive my stuff. Three of the bedrooms here have closets that have built-in drawers at the bottom. One of these drawers in the bedroom that became my office was very difficult to open, and it turned out to be so difficult because it was heavy with books. Books about art and painting and a couple of family Bibles. Books that I thought they would probably like to have. Later on when cleaning the guest bedroom, I found a shoe box that contained a quite extensive rock collection. Many colorful and interesting specimens labeled from locations all over the world. I snapped photos of the books and rocks and sent them to my real estate agent, who then passed them on to the people now living in Texas. Turned out to be their items that they very much wanted to be sent to them. I finally got around to that task a couple of weeks ago and soon a check arrived to reimburse me for the shipping cost. Done deal, I thought. Then the card yesterday that warmed my heart. It didn't seem necessary to reward me for doing the obvious right thing to do. Which made it that much sweeter. So. I'm a writer. And a returner of found things. So I thought I'd write about it. You know, because I'm a writer. 

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