Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That Narrow Ledge

Shake it off. Walk it off. Fend it off. Aversion therapy. Laugh therapy. Logic. Vent about it. Write about it. Cry about it. Check, check, check, and once again, check. Rub salt in it, agonize over it, over analyze it. Yup. Run as far away as you possibly can. Stare it down from whites-in-their-eyes proximity. Accept it without understanding, knowing full well from experience that understanding often follows acceptance. Life is too short to spend one more precious moment feeling like this. Days are excruciatingly long when you feel like this. It's all relative. Focus on things outside yourself. Do for others. Lose yourself in activities that put you in the zone, in the flow, in that place of bliss and fulfillment. Distract yourself. Delude yourself. Deny yourself. Do the work. Give it time. Meditate. Percolate. Rejuvenate. The question remains, how long will I feel like this? And the answer remains the same, foolish girl. Until you don't.

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