Monday, March 5, 2012

Breaking up is Hard to Do

If there is a proper etiquette protocol for breaking up with your beautician, I don't know what it involves. But now that Amelia at The Sunflower has expertly cut my hair twice, I feel like we have a good thing going. I imagine Diane, pining away from missing me. She knows I'm more than six months overdue for a trim and probably suspects I've moved on. Without telling her. Leaving her to wonder what went wrong. I feel just a little guilty when I drive past the Ritz salon, like I'm cheating on Diane. I may have slumped down just a teensy bit in the car while waiting at the light at 17th and 6th. Adjusted my sunglasses. Turned up my coat collar. But I love my hair for the first time since Kim retired from the hair biz. That is what I will plead in the court of bad hair days if they ever haul me up in front of Judge Clairol Sassoon. I've been through six years and eight stylists in search of hair happiness. No jury would convict me.


LindaCO said...

I think they expect a certain number of defections. I did the same thing, and have never liked my hair more than I do now.

Bellona of Avalon said...

I think you're right!

It's funny, I have no qualms about shopping at a different grocery store or having my oil changed by a different garage, but I feel a little odd about going to a new stylist without properly "breaking up" with the old one. Probably because the hair experience is very hands on, very personal. It feels more like a relationship than just a business transaction.