Thursday, February 16, 2012


I have a Chromebook. The Subaru dealership has wifi. This made the extra 45 minutes waiting for the leaking passenger side osv valve to be replaced was pretty tolerable. I would have posted from there but I got distracted. I looked up and realized I was the only one in the waiting room. I grabbed the tv remote! They have like three million cable channels. I found Desperate Housewives! Then I spent the next ten minutes fiddling with the remote trying to figure out how to change the aspect ratio of the screen. Susan and Lynette and Bree looked shorter and wider than usual. Then I came to appreciate this and stopped trying to fix it. Though their foreheads were alarmingly large and I found it disturbing so I went back to Facebook. Where I discovered that the Hegg Brothers were playing at Big Cheese! Which is practically on my way home. Aundrea joined me and we drank beverages and consumed cheesy bread-like thingys. We solved most of the problems of the free world and chatted with cool, witty, bald musicians. The drive home was pleasant and safe with a dry I29, unlike the drive to Sioux Falls yesterday morning, which was slushy with slick spots. Traffic came to nearly a standstill around mile marker 102 where a semi had recently been on fire. The burned out trailer was the variety in which livestock are transported. Maybe I missed the biggest February barbecue in the upper midwest.