Saturday, February 18, 2012


This is how I looked twenty-six years ago today. You can't tell, but I'm trembling like a leaf in the wind. Still barely attached to the tree branch. About to break free and fly head first into the next adventure of my life. That adventure called marriage. It lasted twenty years. And produced two wonderful children. This glowing, happy couple, they look like strangers to me. And I suppose in a way they are. I wish I could sit down with then me and have a chat with her. About things to do and not do, things that are important to save and those that are best discarded. About things that should be said and those best left unsaid. I'm still glad that I was married to this man. And equally content that I no longer am. So, onto the next adventure. A little older, a lot wiser. If I ever marry again, I think I'll be better at it. I'll bring less baggage and more generosity. Make effort with how the relationship works from the inside rather than how it looks from the outside. I don't want a fairy tale. Just a second chance.

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