Monday, January 16, 2012

Wine List. Sort of.

Extension cords required for this year's Christmas lights -- 7

Inches of snow outside -- 2 and counting...

Pairs of black boots I have -- 6

Framed items on the wall in my office -- 12

Framed items sitting on shelves in my office -- 19

Penguins in my office -- 16

Polar bears in my office -- 15

Other assorted bears -- 8

Barbie dolls -- 11

Dirty coffee cups -- 1, from this morning

Wine bottles -- 1 empty, 1 full, 2 total, yes, we're still in my office

About the wine bottles. In May of 2009, my friend Deanna introduced me to Layer Cake malbec, a very wonderful red wine. Later on that summer, Colleen showed up with a bottle of merlot. The brand was Cupcake. I wondered it this was a trend, wine bottlers giving themselves bakery item names, so I hung onto them thinking a collection would be amusing. They gathered dust. No other pastry-monikered wine bottles joined them. I recycled the bottles. Then, in October, Colleen dropped by with a bottle of Lust. Really. From the Michael & David winery, it's a very special appellation of zinfandel. So I'm saving it to share with someone worthy of Lust. It seemed a little lonely up on the shelf in my office, so I put an empty Menage a Trois bottle up there to keep it company. It may be a while til someone who is truly Lust-worthy comes along. Now it really feels like there ought to be three bottles up there...

Now that I have put away the heaping pile of stuff that had amassed on the dining room table, the number of extension cords required has increased to 9.

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