Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meet SO & PI, the PA Sisters

SOPA and PIPA were in the news pretty much all day yesterday. I was plugged into NPR while I was variously engaging in and avoiding housework. This isn't a word for word quote, but I enjoyed it:

Suing Google for a user that engages in piracy makes about as much sense as suing Ford when the bank robber's getaway car is a Mustang.

I imagine we haven't seen the last of SO and PI. Instead of tackling real issues in this election year, our esteemed lawmakers in Washington will likely engage in more distractions of this ilk. It's funny how they decried any sort of Internet censorship in China and Iran, yet introduced such a law themselves. I guess if it's under the veil of greed, aka protection of intellectual property, it's okay.

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