Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Favourite Word

I have met a genuine Welshman. His name is Chris and he recently taught me my new favorite word. In the Gaelic language. Which is ancient and set in its ways, as many old things are. Meaning that Gaelic imports words for new-fangled ideas and objects instead of making up their own. Sometimes Gaelic will convert an existing word to name a new development. Which brings us to my new favorite word. Popty ping. Say it. Out loud. Wasn't that fun? Popty ping! It means microwave oven. Popty is the Gaelic word for oven. They added an onomatopoeic ping due to the fact that this is the sound that a microwave often uses to alert you that it has completed its hottening up task. Thus differentiated from a regular oven. Popty ping. It's right up there with kerfuffle, if you ask me. Now use both of these lovely words in a sentence.

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Anonymous said...

Popty PING!!! Must learn the language of Gaelic if I ever have time =)....
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