Monday, July 25, 2011

The Other Shoe

I've been waiting for some time for that other shoe to drop. And this afternoon, there it was, right in the middle of an email. My dismissal, my termination notice, my firing with their best regards. They didn't have the courtesy nor the courage to do the deed face to face. I'm closing in on nearly two years since the first time I feared I would lose my job over the injury that occurred at my place of employment. And it's kind of a relief to finally be dismissed. So, it's on to phase two that we go, which likely will involve legal advice. All I know is, I have dealt with everyone involved in good faith and with honesty. For that I have been rewarded with stonewalling and suspension and reinstatement of benefits and treatment only to be cut off again. I have met with dismissive doctors. And dealt with insurance company paper shufflers ten states away who make medical decisions and legal decisions regarding my life when they possess neither medical nor legal degrees. I feel like I'm living in a really cheesy movie on the Lifetime cable channel. Or sleeping with an Erin Brockovitch dvd under my pillow. Wish I could wake up and change the channel.


LindaCO said...

Crap. I'm so sorry to hear this. And sorrier still that it could be the beginning of something protracted and unpleasant.

I hope the latest regimen of therapy is helping your hands and outlook.

colleen said...

Oddly, "protracted and unpleasant" may be preferable to paralyzed and helpless. None of us can know how this will all work out, but at least a page has finally turned. Onward.