Monday, December 20, 2010

A Trifle of a Flop

Parties are like cakes. Most of the time they are a grand success, but once in a while you have a flop. When a cake is a flop, you make a trifle. When a party is a flop, it really isn't, at least not for the people who show up. And this time of year when most of us are overscheduled on events and underfunded on hours, a low guest turnout is a predictable factor. So. Thanks to the neighbors who trudged over from next door with adorable daughters and still-warm-from-the-oven banana bread in tow. And to Emma who was so enticed by my party food menu on facebook that she dropped by on her dinner break from work. If I'd had door prizes, though, the biggest and best would go to Dan, who showed up with chocolate vodka, enthusiam, and a hearty appetite. For any of you who might be interested, the spinach dip and olive spread are still reasonably fresh, the tiny cupcakes are tasty while they last, and the Christmas colored nachos are festive and tasty as ever. Now, if only the clouds would clear so tonight's lunar eclipse will be visible! I'll be waiting up. And maybe if you come over, you just might catch me licking the bottom of the spinach dip bowl.


colleen said...

Dan?? Surely not THAT Dan.

I feel as if I am partly to blame. Then again, if I'M feeling too harried to make it to your party, others are likely to find themselves in the same position. The stores were PACKED Saturday!

No word on how Batman's party fared.

We all love you, Carla! Just bad timing, I think.

Bellona of Avalon said...

Not Mr. Aussie, I'm afraid. This is cute 25 yo Dan that I met at International Night a couple weeks ago.

colleen said...

I figured I'd have heard otherwise had it been the Aussie!

Had I known it would be a quiet, comfortable evening, I might have come exhausted and haggard! Tami and I actually talked about that at work today.

I actually wore a dancing elf hat to work today, and more than one person commented that it was so very much like something Carla would do. I think that's a compliment!