Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kissing and Telling

Allow me to introduce to you my favorite Welshman, Scott. Isn't he adorable? Steph and Emma brought him along to my birthday bash a couple of weeks ago. I always appreciate having a kissable man around for, well, de rigueur birthday kissing purposes.

Because Scott's eyes were closed due to the blinding photo flash in the previous picture, I thought you might like to see his sparkly brown eyes. I know I enjoy seeing them and didn't want to seem selfish. Happy birthday to me! FYC* was off to a most fabulous start.

* Fiscal Year Carla

Down at Dirty Frank's

After a most enjoyable walking tour of downtown Columbus and the state capitol, nourishment was required. We sat at the bar at Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace and drank RC Cola with our hot dogs. I had Lara's Pittsburgh Princess, split and grilled and topped with slaw and french fries and a side of onion rings. I haven't eaten a hot dog in ages so this was a perfectly tasty way to end that fast. We were observed from atop the bar by a most interesting collection of a different sort of dog. Please, no jokes about sausage or cannibalism.

Evening Out

This is me with my handsome, somewhat goofy, and host extraordinaire, cousin Cory. We have been gleefully quaffing margaritas from tiny Mason jars. Jargaritas, if you will. I shall be forever grateful to him for introducing me to Miss Brenda. And please ignore my wayward bangs, it rained and there simply were not enough anti-frizz products in my hair. 

Conspicuous Consumption

If you're going to own a Mercedes, please own that you own it. Without apology. Thanks so much.

Meeting Miss Brenda

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Einstein Addendum II

Another thing Steinie loved was shoes. Lounging on them, sniffing them, cuddling up with them. When he was tiny he could climb inside the younger son's sneaker, turn completely around, and end up with his head sticking out. A common cat trick, but still. I know I have pics of Steinie loving up shoes but can't for the life of me find one to post. So here he is enjoying towels. I loved this cat so damn much.