Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Gut Has It

I have pondered about the possibility/probability of early oral antibiotic use and if it might have something to do with the subsequent development of celiac disease. Well, looky here! At least one study shows it just might be so. Further studies may confirm this preliminary finding. I guess we'll see. I always find it interesting when I'm thinking about something that others also are considering. Like this guy. It occurred to me based on a sample much too small to be statistically valid. Two children. My children. The elder of whom was plagued with inner ear infections for a year or so when he was a toddler. He downed a lot of that bubble gum flavored amoxicillin for that period of time. And it may be strictly a case of correlation, but he was diagnosed with celiac disease several months ago. As for the younger son, he was not prescribed a course of antibiotics until he was five and a half years old, the only time he has taken them. He does not have celiac disease. Certainly the digestive system is more mature at that age than at just a few months old, and perhaps better able to recover from the broad spectrum onslaught of the valuable gut flora that we all host. When I was preschool age and suffering from tonsillitis, I vividly recall the car ride home from the clinic perched crankily on the unassailed butt cheek that had not been poked with a large gauge needle to deliver a shot of penicillin. Not that I would wish more needle pokes on any child, but the much more pleasant oral version may cause more pain down the line.


For All Us July Babies!

Through the 22nd, that is.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Chapter Closes

There he is, my pretty boy. I don't remember when I started calling him that but the why should be apparent. A week ago I thoroughly traumatized him with a trip to the vet to address his weight loss issue. He was diagnosed with a likely kidney infection. Then I further traumatized him with administering antibiotics in pill form to treat the infection. He was not happy about this. We switched to liquid amoxicillin a couple of days later. Steinie had figured out how to cough up the pill it took two adults to poke down his throat. The liquid was easier to get into him and seemed to be helping. But just as antibiotics can have an adverse effect on the human gut, so do they affect the feline gut. He has the runs and wasn't interested in eating his treats and has been having trouble keeping down what little food he does eat. This morning I decided the trauma of medication would stop. Einstein is still very loving and cuddly and gets around like a cat half his age. But it's clear that he is on a downward trend. I'm choosing to love him and comfort him as best I can and if he seems to be suffering at all to make one final trip to see the vet. I know that there are so many huge problems in the world and this is tiny by comparison. But the loss of a beloved pet tugs at your heart like nothing else. Pardon me while I nestle in with my pretty boy and decline to answer the door. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wait For Me!

I have fallen in love. With a house. In a small town forty-one miles north of Denver there is a 2 bedroom Craftsman style bungalow. Beautiful built-ins. Hardwood floors. Enclosed front porch. Fireplace. Single car garage and garden sheds. Partially finished basement. Beautiful kitchen and bathrooms. I have already moved in and know where all of my stuff will go. In my head of course. And it's in my price range! Please, please, please, one of you with preapproved financing who wishes to move to Brookings call reloKatie for a grand tour of my house and buy it! Alas, the way the market is in Colorado this house I adore will likely be sold in short order. Sigh. It was lovely while it lasted.

The Needs of the Fan Outweigh the Needs of the Fin

Five dollar bills are being defaced in Canada. Or, rather, re-faced. All I have to say is, Sir Wilford Laurier, seventh Prime Minister of Canada, ought to feel honored. That's his portrait that Star Trek fans are Spockifying with his signature Vulcan ears, eyebrows, and haircut. Others may find this sort of homage disrespectful, but I find it highly entertaining. Don't tell anyone! It's perfectly legal! I know, that makes a teensy bit less fun and rebellious. Live long, and prosper.


Once again, I am a Coke bottle shareable name. But unlike last summer, I am paying closer attention to Coke displays in retail establishments. Speaking of last summer, the graphics have disappeared. I can't imagine why Coca-Cola would object to free advertising. Oh, and they again have a bottle sporting my middle name but I was unable to find an image. Carla Jean is out there. Look for her in a convenience store near you.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Here's to You, Mike, And a Life Well-Lived

Thinking of my much loved brother-in-law Mike who passed over to that other side yesterday. He was Norwegian and raised Catholic so this short film seems appropriate. Mike was gleeful and talented and kind. And a terrific cook. We presented him with an organic smoked pork shoulder for Christmas a few years back and he couldn't have been more delighted. He loved his wife and daughters and adored his grandchildren. He loved fishing and puns and practical jokes and wordplay and music and wearing loud Hawaiian print shirts. He played guitar and knew more songs than anyone. And he would have loved this video.