Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Is it Monday Again?

Have all of the planets wandered into retrograde at the same time? Miscommunication and misunderstanding seem to be the operative words for the day. Throw in a dash of anger and a pinch of assumption and the soup is done. Everyone has gone crazy and my brain hurts. One communication brought this to mind. I have to remind myself to not take things personally, it's one of those virtues that is a bit of an asymptote for me. I work on it and it seems close but somehow remains just out of reach. Answers, I have found, arrive in their own damn sweet time, and often from unexpected sources. Patience helps. Patience my ass, scoffs my humor-me-now, terrible-twos-inflicted inner child. It's a process. I remain amused if baffled.

Tiny Waterfall PhotoOp

Home Again

I have been to Omaha. And returned. Had a lovely visit with Karen and Tigh. Did some touristy stuff but mostly sat around and caught each other up on our lives and enjoyed each others' company. I am pleased to report that Karen's health is back on track and improving every day. She's hoping to be given the green light to go home tomorrow! I think you heal faster in a familiar place, there's something about the comfort of home and family that boosts you up and speeds your recovery. I am now contemplating finishing my red velvet cheesecake from yesterday's visit to The Cheesecake Factory for breakfast. Hmmm. Anything even slightly more nutritious than Froot Loops is fair game for breakfast, that's what I always say. After all, Froot Loops were invented specifically for the first meal of the day. I have fully rationalized this. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

About Last Night, Part Trois

Sitting out on the patio under the overcast night sky. With an adult beverage and a seriously attractive man. It begins to rain. Just a sprinkle or two at first, but soon becomes a gentle, persistent shower. The day has been hot, so the setting sun brought some initial relief but the cool drops landing on my neck and arms are a welcome respite. Friendly conversation continues as the rainfall intensifies. In the midst of this, I realize that I am having such an enjoyable time and am so comfortable with this new acquaintance that I don't care how I look. An earlier version of moi would have been a little frantic over how the weather was affecting her hair and makeup and clothing. But, seemingly, not the current me. I am surprised and pleased with this revelation. Reveling in it, even. Newfound confidence? Maybe. I hope it's more that I'm learning what's important and what really isn't, and it didn't require conscious thought and choice to get there. It just happened. Good company and a tasty drink and being present in a very pleasant moment. This is how it ought to be.

About Last Night, Part Deux

About Last Night

After two months here, I at long last had an evening out last night. I know. Anyone who knows me will have a hard time believing this. Thanks to new friend Mark, I have discovered the Syntax Spirits & Distillery where I enjoyed an excellent Cosmo or two. Okay, fine, it was two. I met the lovely and lively Heather who owns Syntax and presides over the stills there. I also met Gustav, the official distillery cat. Despite the heat and getting a little wet on the patio when the clouds opened up it was a fun and interesting evening. I really should do it again before two more months slip by.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sort of a Hangover

My brain is fuzzy today. I have now fulfilled my normal 7.5 hours of sleep in three shifts, which never seems to be as restful as those hours all in a row. I might just be trying to crawl back into a dream state, a good description of the last three days. You see, my sis Martine has been here for a visit. And like every get-together with a loved one, feels full and joyous in the moment, almost dreamlike, and over all too soon. I believe we can chalk this up to a successful first run of the guest room! She is now home safely, and I'm certain her kitties are very happy to see their human. More later on our three day sister adventure, but for now, my fuzzy brain requires less thoughtful activities. I feel fully capable of operating the tv, dvd, and Roku remotes without injuring myself. Anything more taxing would likely be hazardous.