Monday, February 8, 2016

The Not Good Doctor

Hmmmm. A doctor who is also a state legislator is being "scrutinized" for possible conflict of interest. This doesn't surprise me a bit. An orthopedic surgeon who examined me, a work comp patient, in a deliberately rough manner to ensure that I actually had issues with pain, isn't the sort of guy who would first do no harm. He informed me that I had carpal tunnel syndrome and that I needed to face that fact, and that he was going to cut me now or cut me later, so it didn't matter what I thought. If the emails that mention him turn out to provide evidence that he has a conflict of interest and has used his office as a state senator to gain personal wealth in his business dealings, I do hope he is punished to fullest extent that is allowed. I know that I have a biased opinion of the guy, but if a doctor is willing to make an inaccurate as well as questionable diagnosis so he can perform surgery for which he will be paid, it's not a far stretch to think he would behave unethically under other circumstances.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Conversation With Myself

I am already under the influence of a glass of chardonnay. That reminds me, I need to find out the name of that pinot noir I had at Minerva's, it was beyond delish. Ballmer Peak achieved means I am typing faster than a speeding bullet. Well, it's five o'clock somewhere. Wait! It's five o'clock here! Boys are stupid. With the exception of the two to whom I gave birth. They are brilliant and wonderful. I really should go upstairs and see how the beginnings of soup are coming along. Creamy chicken mushroom to be precise. But I'm waiting for the dryer to finish so I can go fold and hang stuff before it gets all wrinkly. All this up and down the stairs is tiresome when you have stuff going on in the kitchen and the laundry room. How is office cleaning/organizing/decluttering going? Thanks for asking! Six boxes packed, one closet totally organized, shredding continues. That's why I'm drinking at such an early hour. Hands are cranky from all the fine motor with the hands the last couple of days. As soon as the dryer buzzes I'm upstairs where the rest of the wine is. This tipsy tirade comes your way courtesy of Bellona of Avalon. In the Vixen, Xanthippe, Virago tradition. Naturally.

29 Degrees, Cloudy

...are the local conditions on the other side of that window. Inside we have a bloomin' begonia. And a flowering New Guinea impatiens. Outside, winter. Inside, spring. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Sometimes you use all the letters.

Document Management

Sometimes I'm brilliant and environmentally conscious at the same time. The first room to be addressed in my February cleaning/organizing/decluttering blitz is my office. It seemed reasonable to start with document management. Which entails shredding ancient bank statements, investment stuff, and anything with personal information that could lead to identity theft. In the midst of shredding, which consisted more of unclogging the shredder than actual shredding, it occurred to me that this shredded paper could be used for packing material! And then recycled once I'm moved! See how I did that? It's brilliant and environmentally conscious! Also contributing to my environmental high and mightiness is the fact that most of these paper documents have been replaced by electronic docs whenever reasonable and possible. I feel like such a grownup today.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


1. Amazon has sent me an email informing me of terrific savings on baby clothing and associated gear.

2. In reference to Item 1, I expect they think I am expecting because a couple of months ago I purchased a baby gate.

3. In reference to Item 2, I bought the gate to confine Newton to a certain area of the house.

4. In reference to Item 3, Newton is a cat, not a baby.

5. In reference to Item 4, Newton would resist in ball-of-knives fashion to being dressed up in baby clothes.*

6. In reference to Item 5, I am not likely to purchase baby clothes for Newton because I would like to avoid a trip to the ER.

7. Newton might, however, enjoy toys or other baby equipment, like a swing, if I were to purchase them for him.

8. In reference to Item 7, Newton has demonstrated high resistance to playing with things that were purchased specifically for that application.

9. In reference to Item 8, I have considered when bringing home, for instance, a new scratching post for Newton that I instruct him to not touch it, this is a very expensive decorative item that is for my enjoyment, not his.

10. Doesn't Amazon realize that I returned the gate over a month ago?

*Any sort of clothing, actually.