Thursday, June 22, 2017

Meanwhile, Out in The Backyard

Try to ignore the massive holes in the ground. Instead, please focus on the fact the the hideous swingset is gone! Gonegonegone! The clothesline poles have also done a disappearing act. Yes, the deck looks like crap. It will look much, much better when the peeling paint is gone, the surface is sanded, and a new color is applied.

Tomato plants! They have tripled in size since I popped them in the dirt three weeks ago. 

Raspberry bushes! There will likely be no berries to harvest this year but they are being pampered with water and fertilizer and sunshine until they do.

This bed I started from seed so the size of the plants isn't quite so impressive. In the center we have sunflowers. To the right we have baby cilantro and just poking their little heads out of the soil on the left we have basil. Around the perimeter in the niches of the blocks you will find marigolds. For decorative as well as ant discouragement purposes.

Half My Life Ago

The thing I remember most clearly about this photo is that I thought I really needed to lose another five pounds. Which seems ludicrous now. Seems, hell, is ludicrous. And I wonder if this is just nostalgia for a younger me. Or if it's something bigger. Like how most women are much too hard on themselves over their appearance. I try to be kinder to myself now, partly because I'm approaching sixty and I feel like angst over the size of my butt is wasted time and energy. But mostly because it doesn't matter if I'm carrying around an extra five pounds or so if I'm healthy and happy. And I am. I might as well ask if those sweat pants make my butt look big.   

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Happy Birthday, My Firstborn!

Technical Difficulties

I hate my printer/scanner. I have removed it and reinstalled it. A test page has been successfully printed. I have turned everything off and on again to no avail. Why won't it scan??? This is holding up my blogging for the day. I have a plan, since this is my firstborn's birthday, to scan a number of selected, adorable photos and post them. If my freaking scanner would cooperate. I have a serious love/hate relationship with technology. Meh.  

Monday, June 19, 2017

Lesser Known Brass

Reid and I have fascinating conversations. But the really interesting ones happen in the car, often on a long road trip when both of us are very tired. Why else would any two people discuss oddball brass instruments?

First up we have the flumpet. Yes, the flumpet. It was designed as a combination of the flugelhorn and the trumpet, hence its catchy name. It was custom designed by David Monette at the request of jazz musician Art Farmer.

More commonly played with the mouth rather than shown here in true Monty Python inappropriateness, the buisene is a long straight trumpet without valves. The buisene is often depicted being used to play a fanfare by fancily dressed medieval fellows, unlike these fellows who are not dressed at all. The buisene sometimes gets its own costume, festooned with a drapey scarf that coordinates with the fancy fellows' outfits

Finally, we have the tromboon, shown here being played by its inventor PDQ Bach, aka musical satirist Peter Schickele. The tromboon is a trombone with the mouthpiece of a bassoon. Possessing, says Mr Bach, all the disadvantages of both. I truly wish there were more lesser known brass instruments. They may exist, but they are so very much lesser known that even Reid does not know of them. And, no, there is no way to reclaim the five minutes you spent reading this nonsense. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

It's The Water

Since moving here a year ago, I have sung praises of the delicious water that comes from the tap. And now it has won a competition and has been declared the best water in America and Canada. I'm drinking some right now. Feels like a bit of a sacrilege to bathe in it or flush with it. Don't worry, I'll continue to shower and use the toilet properly. But now I'll do it with greater reverence.