Saturday, May 23, 2015

My President, Josiah Bartlet

Recalibrating My Moral Compass

At some point in the last twenty-four hours I have experienced an awakening. It concerns the way I have treated another human. And I kind of want to slap myself. How is it that I didn't realize until now what I've been doing? I've been at this crossroads before! How many times must I do this? And the tiny, clear voice of reason responds, until you get it right. This revelation is almost entirely internal for me, a moment of light and learning. Now to incorporate this resetting of my moral compass into actions. Leaving this particular juncture behind me will be a relief, an unburdening now recognized. We often are our own worst witnesses.

Friday, May 22, 2015

In The Rock, Paper, Scissors of Life...

Boredom conquers fear, fear causes diarrhea, diarrhea puts the excitement back into boredom.

-Eddie Izzard

Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's Just a Fucking Spoon, Steve!

The fabulous and ever-so slightly blurry Eddie Izzard. After making us laugh heartily for two hours he graciously treated us to a short Q&A session. He is hilarious, so damn smart, thoughtful, and had the best manicure in the house. If his Force Majeure tour lands anywhere near where you live, go see him! Until then, high threes!

I Love You, Zenni Optical

Me. Fourth grade school pic. Plaid dresses with Peter Pan collars, bangs, and pink cat eye glasses must have been all the rage.

In an homage to my first pair of specs, here I am updated with modified cat eye glasses in, well, pink. Yes, I also have bangs but there is nary a plaid dress in sight. I am ever so happy with these glasses! After wearing them for a couple months I have to say there is really no difference in quality between these, purchased online from Zenni Optical, when compared to my new glasses from a local optical store. Oh, did I mention these were around 25% of the price I paid for the locally dispensed glasses? Yup. With online tutorials on how to enter your prescription information and how to measure to get the right size frame you can hardly go wrong. When they arrive in the mail you can consult their instructions on how to adjust them for a perfect fit. Let's just tell it like it is. Frugal never goes out of style. Neither does a fancy pair of pink cat eyes.

Last Night

Inadvertently caught in someone else's selfie, behold the wonder of my fabulous neck! I wasn't posing! Just waiting patiently with JTP and some of my favorite tiara-ed girls for the post-show Q&A with Eddie Izzard! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Emotional Erosion

I have gushed before over how much I adore the very smart, funny, and straight-to-the-point advice that columnist Carolyn Hax delivers. Today's answer to a nit-picking husband also included a comment from a participant in the online discussion. 

As a person on the receiving end of this constant oversight, I can tell you the drip drip drip of disapproval is eroding you wife's affection for you.......You've been warned, husband. Find a way to appreciate her ability to get things done or someday she will leave you.

Yes, she will. I know because I did. Reading these words today helped put to rest one more tiny bit of unresolved baggage. There was no huge blow-up or defining moment or unforgivable incident over the course of my twenty year marriage. There was simply this awakening to the fact that the years of asides, couched humor, and criticisms had left me numb. I so desperately wanted to feel something again. And I sadly resigned myself to the knowledge that the something I longed for would never again be love and affection for the man I was married to. That was ten years ago. It got better. I'm still here. It's a process. Thank you, Carolyn.