Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shipping News

So AndiBean texts me and uses the word shipping in a new and different way. New and different to me, anyway. With my brain swirling somewhere between mildly confused and totally baffled, tempered with with the specter of autocorrect, I texted back, shipping?. She replied, yes, shipping. As in friend-ship or relation-ship. I love a new application for an existing word.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bring Your Own Spoon

Un-clutter. Paint. Clean. Beer Chaser.

Un-clutter. Paint. Clean. The un-cluttering process consists of putting back minimal decoratey stuff after painting and cleaning. Leaving the other stuff either in the trash or in one of three piles. Stuff I'm keeping gets packed away for moving. Then there's the give away pile, either to friends or Goodwill. The winning pile, meaning the most monstrous in size thus far, is the rummage sale pile. Which has overtaken and nearly obscured the dining room table. Un-clutter. Paint. Clean. One room at a time. Then the idea is to maintain each room in its newly acquired freshly painted, un-cluttered, and freakishly clean state. This is like being perpetually prepared for company. And the cats are not helping. They are finding new and creative areas to decorate with hairball barf. Please come to my rummage sale. One woman's un-clutter is another (wo)man's treasure. Back to packing!

Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Green!

It's definitely olive. But it's supposed to be beige. Like the stripe in the curtains. That they aimed their fancy computer paint matching device toward with the idea of matching the color. The beige stripe. There are no olive stripes in this curtain panel of which we speak. Though the color works nicely in the entry with all the light from the patio door. Which has me thinking it would be a great color for the future living room once we are moved. It matches my chair! The mistake paint matches my chair! The huge chair and ottoman I bought nearly ten years ago and have moved from room to room in an attempt to make it fit somewhere but gave up and left it in the living room and swaddled it in a navy blue throw! And it looks way cool with my cobalt glass!  But for now, this paint is much too green and dark for the rest of the rooms I must paint. So. A paint mixing experiment is in progress. I'll let you know how it goes. I got lucky with this once before! Lightening strikes the same spot all the time, or so I hear.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Looking Back

Because I remember milestones and anniversaries. Because I remember how hopeful and happy I was one year ago today. This is on my mind, but in a good way as opposed to how it turned out. In the days that became weeks that rolled into the months since then I have let go. Not of the hope or the optimism or the idea of possibilities, but only of the want for this to have been the one that would matter. Blessed is the wisdom that settles in over time. I am grateful for the resilience. I am still learning patience.

Sums it Up for Me