Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sally Draper's Pillow Cases

Sally has had a difficult time adjusting to the arrival of her new little brother. We see here in Season 3, Episode 6 that she now has her own room. It's painted pink and she has some lovely sheets decorated with yellow rosebuds. Definitely a girly room.

Something was strangely familiar about those pillow cases! As you can see, I have an identical set. I don't remember if sheets came along with them when I was a newlywed, these linens moved in along with my husband. I peeked at the label expecting to see a worn and faded one, but right there, bright and clear were the words J.C. Penney. Which means Betty Draper as well as my mother-in-law shopped at JCP. It seems reasonable that my MiL bought things for the house at Penney's, there wasn't much else for shopping in northeastern South Dakota in the 1960's. I would have guessed Betty for more of a Bloomingdale's or Macy's sort of gal. One thing I know for sure, though. I own a set of antique pillow cases. Maybe just vintage. Around here, they're just the spares.  

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