Thursday, July 27, 2017

Speaking of Hats...

Hats created by Little Millinery Shop on the Prairie. 

Gone are the days when you weren't considered properly dressed to go out in public unless you were wearing a hat. Please meet South Dakota spinsters, Julia and Anna Anderson. They were the sisters of my ex-husband's maternal grandfather. I believe this photo was made sometime in the nineteen-teens. Yes, if you did the math, that is approximately one hundred years ago. I have no idea if the fancy hats and coats were their own garments or if they were provided by the photography studio. All I know is, these are really freaking great hats.  

The Ya-ya Sisterhood of the Northern Plains.

If I am not mistaken, this is a posse of wild, reckless teenage girls on their senior trip in 1949. That is my mother, Edna, on the left. An earlier, more innocent version of Thelma & Louise, they were looking for a little excitement in South Dakota's Black Hills upon graduating from high school in Alamo, North Dakota. Mom is wearing a white hat, so I'm guessing she fell in with a bad crowd of black-hat-sporting wayward girls and fell under their influence. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I'll stop at three movie references. You're welcome.

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