Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pause for Dancing

I have gardening on my mind. So when I popped the lid off the box labeled 1980's Photos, I was looking for a particular photo of me from thirty years ago. I'm seated on the picnic table in the backyard of 1408 holding an enormous stainless steel bowl containing produce from our garden. It's late July or early August, and even if most of the labor and care put into growing those veggies was provide by my husband, I was getting the photo op. With that image clear in my brain, I ran across the above photo instead. It's my Mom, but I have no idea the date or location. She's wearing a name tag, so that's a clue of some sort. I don't recognize the houses or the car in the background. But there she is. Sometime in the 80's if it was in the correct box. She was a character, and her sassy spirit shines through here like she could jump right off the paper and be in the room with me. This is how I like to remember her, and I'm pretty sure she would approve. Wherever you are, Edna, I hope you're dancing in high heels and having the time of your afterlife.  

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