Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I have received a Courtesy Warning from the City of Greeley. Due to the hideous state of my front yard. They don't come around and hassle residents unless they have a complaint. From pretty much anybody who happens to walk by and is offended. Really! The code compliance officer was very pleasant and was aware I have been here for just a year. I explained that the grass was pretty much DOA when I moved in, and when I realized how crazy expensive, not to mention environmentally irresponsible, it would be to sod in a new lawn and then maintain it with regular watering, I decided to go the xeriscape route. Now I really do need to call the guy so I can get a boatload of bark mulch delivered. Whoever turned me in is going to be quite amazed at how lovely the yard will be. And they get zero credit for making it happen, these plans have been long in the making. So there.

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