Saturday, June 3, 2017

Exhaustion With Beer

I have pulled weeds today. And planted marigolds, basil, cilantro, and sunflowers. That means one raised bed down, two to go. Plus the little bed for the mint. Because mint is not well behaved, it does not play well with other plants. It takes over and chokes out anything else that might want a little space in the sun and soil. So it gets it's own spot on the other side of the yard. With four metal pink flamingos for company. I need to call the guy who is going to haul a truckload of bark chips for me and see when he can deliver them. Xeriscaping, here I come! The current state of bleakness in the front yard will be transformed with the addition of Russian sage, a rock garden with solar lights and yarrow that blooms in a color called paprika, clumps of ornamental grass, and a shrub in the corner whose name escapes me now. Also a short stone walkway from my car to the front door. Because who take the long way when hauling grocery bags? A proper shortcut seems in order. The swingset is proving to be much more difficult to dismantle than I thought. Things are coming along, though, and this week I'll be in the market for tomato and raspberry plants. And I have decided to move these guys into a border around the flagstone patio. Just in case they turn out to be weeds, I will clip off and destroy any seed poufs before they are gone with the wind. As for the rest of the day, I am enjoying a bottle of Sam Adams Summer Ale. If only the hammock had a space to be! Until then, my comfy chair and a movie will have to do. 


Andrea Barnes said...

If that swingset is still giving you trouble in a month, let me know. I'll bring my muscles! /flex

Bellona of Avalon said...

Haha! I hope it will be gone by then! If not, you will be welcome to take whacks at it.