Monday, June 12, 2017

Cover Bands Rock!

Some people are of the opinion that the artists who write the songs are the definitive and best performers of those songs. I happen to think otherwise. Even of the Beatles. I know, blasphemy, right? I recently had the opportunity to take in two evenings of excellent music including some kickass covers. 

I've been a fan of Mike Massé on Facebook for about four years. A friend posted a video of him doing an amazing cover of Toto's hit Africa in a local pizza parlor, I think somewhere in Utah. Mike is a remarkable guitarist and has a terrific voice, he does great covers of so many songs of my youth, but also more recent tunes. He often appears supported by other musicians and is definitely worth the effort to see if he is performing near you. Absolutely an innovator, not merely an imitator.

High energy and so much fun to see live! Advent Horizon does original tunes as well as masterful covers of so many bands, from Pink Floyd to Eric Clapton. They look a bit subdued in this photo, but it's a good one of me. 

This is the goofy shot where I look a little crazed. Also, am I really this short? But I digress. Do not be fooled by their youthful appearance! They were probably born with their instruments in hand. Advent Horizon is a band you need to see!

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