Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lykkelig Syttende Mai!

This isn't going to be nearly as cool as, say, a boat tour through the fjords of Norway. It's the tour of Norwegian stuff around my house. Just the highlights, mind you, not every little thing with some connection to the old country. You can thank me later.

In case you weren't aware, I am half Norwegian from my mother. Just to the left of the spot where I am sitting and typing at this very moment is a Norwegian flag. It's tucked in amongst lots of other stuff and conveniently hides a hole and a scuffed spot on the wall until I get around to painting. 

Grandpa Knut was a blacksmith and furniture maker. He made this little bookcase that currently sits in my bedroom. Not specifically a Norwegian thing, but certainly a thing made by a Norwegian.

Each of the four granddaughters received a trunk upon graduating from high school, built by Grandpa Knut and festively painted by Grandma Esther. All of them are unique, painted in the Norwegian folk art style called rosemaling.

Here we have the Norwegian shelf in the sunroom. Numerous rosemaled pieces, a smaller version of the Norwegian flag, a copy of Grandpa Knut's American citizenship certificate, a photo book of Norwegian places, and a seashell that Grandpa picked up off a beach somewhere. That's the story, anyway. 

On another shelf we find a couple of other rosemaled pieces. A tiny trunk and a bowl of some sort. That's the tour, folks! Exit through the gift shop!

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