Monday, May 8, 2017


Guess who removed the downspout extension last week while she was pulling weeds? That would be moi. And who, after finishing up a couple hours of yard work this afternoon, still had not remembered to put back the downspout extension? Again, moi. And who, even though it was sprinkling and dark clouds were rolling in at the conclusion of yard work, did not put two and two together and think, golly, this might be a good time to put that downspout extension back where it belongs? Yup. Moi. I thought it was amusing when I got a severe weather warning text for local flash floods on my phone. Reid is downstairs wet-vaccing up our very extremely localized flash flood. Because without the downspout extension in place, the window well for the downstairs bathroom fills up and then gushes in around the window and soon there is water, water everywhere. Don't drink it! Guess who put the downspout extension back? Please! I sent Reid out to do it. I have better things to do. Like taking my turn with the wet-vac.

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