Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Edna Method

I think we can file this under almost but not quite. I was employing my mother's method of hanging stuff on the wall, which is using existing nails already pounded into said wall. This was the procedure she used when we moved into a different domicile to hang pictures and other decorative items. Boiled down to its basic steps, The Edna Method is as follows. One, find a nail already in the wall. Step two, hang something on it. Generally, at least according to my eyes, little consideration was given to the final aesthetic effect of the placement. Often it worked out just fine, given that many people will center a hanging object on a wall, and when they leave the nail behind, it tends to be optimally placed. Sometimes it was just weird, though, with pictures hanging in seeming disarray, too close to the ceiling or ending up behind a door or blocked from view by a piece of furniture. Yesterday, in an homage to Mom while organizing the game room downstairs, I gave the Edna Method a shot. As you can see, it doesn't quite work. Some tweaking will be necessary. Unlike my mother, I'm fearless with a hammer and nails. Even though I use a level and measure the space carefully, I don't always hit the nail on the head where the nail ought to be. Which means I also am fearless with the use of wall spackle.

Just for fun, here is the previous incarnation of the room. This wall seems to demand a curvy metal adornment. I am complying, but do find it necessary to move some nails. 

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