Tuesday, December 20, 2016

As Good as it Gets

I just posted this missive on Facebook. I'm not easy to like. Or love, for that matter. I maintain that I'm worth the effort, though, and I'm grateful every day for those who make that effort.

Surprise, surprise, Janice just unfriended me. I expect she grew weary of me posting links that debunked her bogus science articles and conspiratorial "news". I like her. She's a woman I have a great deal in common with. She's had many struggles and is a true survivor. I've always been aware that we don't agree on everything, but that has never been an issue to me.
I don't wish to live in an echo chamber. I am interested in trying to understand another's point of view. I love knowledge and am interested in learning new things and becoming a more enlightened individual. I am interested in facts as well as opinions, but I know the difference between the two. My background includes working in the fields of journalism and ag science. These experiences give me a unique view of the world where I am skeptical of bs masquerading as science and writing that doesn't include proper supportive sourcing.
So. A warning to the thinskinned. I can be difficult as hell to have as a friend. I'm opinionated and stubborn and more than a little quirky. But I also tend toward kindness and giving people the benefit of the doubt. If you don't want me dogging your ass, check the validity of an article or news story before you share it so I don't have to. Because I will. It's probably a character flaw but it's one that I embrace.

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