Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Must Love Dogs

This post does not concern the John Cusack movie of the same name. Although for me, pretty much everything leads back to John Cusack. Because I adore him and truly believe we are spiritually destined to be together. Even if that sounds creepy and stalkerish, let's pretend it's sincere. But I digress. I did not know of the existence of these cookies until a month ago when I saw them sitting quietly on the shelf at World Market. And thought, hmm, these might be kinda good, let's get some. I was wrong. Chocolate shortbread Scottie dogs are freaking delicious! Just thinking about the unopened box in the kitchen sends shivers of delight through me. Maybe I just need to put on a sweater. I know that in the past I have declared my undying allegiance to other cookies more than once. This time it's different. So different, in fact, that I am declaring these cookies my favorite for all time henceforth. I can see Mr Cusack walking through the park hand in hand with me as we enjoy nibbling on Walker's Chocolate Shortbread Scottie Dogs. We might be walking an actual dog, too. I can't be sure. The future is often so murky.

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