Sunday, July 10, 2016

My New Number

Adjusting fine, yes, thank you. It seems I'm officially pushing sixty now. Which would mean that I'm pulling fifty-nine. Which would make me a Dr. Dolittle character. Sort of. Fifty-nine is a prime number, which as far as I'm concerned, means I am in my prime once again. That takes care of mathematics. In astronomy, M59 is a galaxy in the constellation Virgo. In chemistry, the atomic number 59 designates the element praseodymium. In classical music, Beethoven's Opus 59 is comprised of the three Razumovsky Quartets. In popular music I might have a new theme song in Simon & Garfunkel's The 59th Street Bridge Song. Makes me feel groovy. You, too? If you look on a map of the good ole USA, you will see that Interstate 59 connects the cities of Slidell, Louisiana and Wildwood, Georgia. In the RST system used by amateur radio operators, 59 represents a perfect signal. And finally, in geometry, fifty-nine is the number of points on a stellated ichosahedron. If you already knew all of this, you're smarter than the average bear. And me. Except for the prime number thing and the S&G song, I had to look up the rest of this fascinating information. 

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