Monday, May 30, 2016

Sweets for the Sweet

I didn't read the little sign on the table. Not that one, that one I did read. the one that says Step Down. Because after you sit for a while you might just forget that you stepped up to get into the booth in the first place. Particularly if you have imbibed in an adult beverage. Where was I? The little sign that I didn't read. Because the photo looked sooooo darn good. Tater tot type thingys only made with sweet potatoes! I sprung for the extra buck to have them as my side. To my surprise, and not in a good way, they were weirdly sweet rather than savory. I nibbled another one to be sure. Yes, definitely sweet. Ick! Then I read the sign. Dusted with sugar and cinnamon. Eww! Let's get one thing straight. Sweet is for dessert, not a side with your burger. Well, maybe for that subset of folks who think tossing cut up Snicker bars with pieces of apple and whipped cream can be called a salad. Don't get me started on side dishes that contain miniature marshmallows. Or that rice with fruit and creamy dressing that's served cold. I was raised in the Lutheran church, people, I know firsthand about oddball side dishes. I even own a couple of Lutheran church cookbooks from the fifties and sixties that prove people prepared and ate this stuff. The thing is, I love sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes on their own live up to their first name, and when you salt them just a bit you have that perfect blend of sweet and savory that is just irresistible. But a resounding no to the added sugar and cinnamon. Old Chicago, I won't be back for a very long while. At least the Dos Equis amber was delish. I do know how to order a tasty beer.

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