Friday, May 6, 2016

Making a List

I have grownup stuff to do today. Like going to the bank so I can buy 2534 next week. Come to think of it, I did grownup stuff yesterday, too. Laundry and cooking in between watching movies on dish tv. Also baking cookies. But those are grownup things I can do by slouching about the house in sweats. Today requires showering and dressing and driving into town. Note to self, tv is addictive! Don't turn it on, it will suck you into its evil grasp! And speaking of cookies, we can bake cookies pretty much every day for the next week. While emptying out the pantry at 1408 I used up the oatmeal and chocolate chips by stirring up a batch of cookie dough and then froze it in little oven-ready balls! This has made Reid a very happy camper. I have sipped the last of the coffee. It's time to motivate! Though tearing myself away from the view requires all the will I can muster. Everyone needs a little bit of enchanted forest to escape to and I wake up every morning grateful for Jill's generosity in loaning us her cabin for our brief homeless period. Time passes differently here. I suspect that's why it's magically rejuvenating to be in this place. It's a good day to be alive.

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