Saturday, May 21, 2016

Making a Big Stink

A couple of days ago I revisited my college-age self. By leaving the house without showering and disguising that fact with liberal use of body spray and by pulling my hair back into a pony tail. Why? Because the plumber showed up early. What kind of self-respecting plumber shows up early, that's what I want to know. I got up in plenty of time. But then it seems I lingered over my coffee and the fabulous morning view a teensy bit too long. Upon noting the time and that I still had a generous twenty minutes or so to accomplish my morning ablutions, I spied the plumber's van creeping up the drive. Well, crap. At this point, no longer possessing a shred of dignity or even really caring anymore, I went outside in my flannel jammies to move my car so the plumber could get back to the area by the garage. It was supposed to be a quick job, though, so I didn't panic. An hour went by. Then two hours. Damn! If I'm going to meet the girls for coffee, I better get a move on! Body spray, pony tail, and a smidge of makeup later, I was in my car and on my way. Never trust a plumber who arrives early and says it will be a quick job. Or don't get distracted by coffee and a lovely view. Or get up earlier than the plumber. All I know is, I had a lovely time catching up with Carmen and Chelsey.

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