Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Well, Shit

I have lost a day. I have been busy and running errands and packing and dealing with details. But it rained today. And for the couple of brief respites during the icy downpour the wind blew only as it can on the plains. It felt like winter again with a chill that goes clear to the bone. So. No loading the trailer. We're doing our best to clear one room at a time and get down to what is going in the cars for our vagabond month. The rain that was here is snow at the western end of the state where we had planned to be by Friday night. But no! Fortunately there is a My Place long-term stay hotel here where we will be from Friday til next Tuesday. Fortunately for Newt, My Place is pet friendly. The first leg of our journey west and south begins with a detour slightly north and east. This does sound like the way I do things! With any luck and a better weather day tomorrow things will progress and we will be able to turn this house over to the new owner by Saturday. Meanwhile, I'm exhausted. Think I need to hire some muscle. Soon my office will be clear. The kitchen is clear save for the few odd dishes we are using and the food in the fridge. One of three bathrooms is clear. By the time I go to bed the family room will be clear. The room at the end of the house is clear save for Newton's necessities which will be among the last items loaded in the car. Michael's old room, more recently the guest room, is clear. This is feeling more manageable even as I type. One thing is perfectly clear. I need more boxes.

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