Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Near Disaster

When the ancient folding table goes kaput on you in the middle of taping shut a box of pottery, you swear. Well, okay, I swear. And then I'm astonished and grateful that the damn thing didn't land on my foot. And that the box was mostly taped up, I was doing the final pass when the table collapsed. Only two things were broken! A little pottery basket that I had no attachment to. Sadly, the beautiful painted goblet that was a souvenir from my first visit to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival was smashed to smithereens when it hit the garage floor. But a cherished piece of cobalt glass survived the fall, as did a teacup with an infuser insert decorated with a cat. This also means it's beer time. Because packing has ceased for the day. As well as blog time. Cheers!

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