Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Snarky Me

When my husband and I had made the decision to split, in a very civilized manner we went through all the rooms in the house and took inventory of our accumulated possessions. Yours, mine, yours before we were married/mine before we were married, personal yours or mine. He got the camera equipment, I got the sewing machine. He graciously allowed me to keep the oak library table that had been his because I had put so much toil into refinishing it. He took the antique secretary desk that had been in his grandparents' home. When we got to the master (now the queen) suite we found ourselves standing in front of the black wicker clothes hamper. He wanted it. I didn't and was more than willing to let it go but first I had to say this...Why? So you'll know where to locate the pile of laundry on the floor? As in, right in front of the hamper! As his habit had been for twenty years. He was not amused. Totally true story.

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