Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hallows Month, Day 24

You know how you think up a holiday-specific crafty project? And you consider how to execute, in the carrying out rather than kill meaning of the word, so you gather materials and think on it for a spell. This little project is now in its second year of consideration. And will perhaps be completed by the third. Anyway. A couple of years ago I was seeing these cute stacks of faux books with Halloweeny themed titles on their faux spines. And as happens with dozens of crafty things I take a fancy to, I think, why spend the however many bucks on it when I likely have the materials at home to do it myself? So before I hauled a couple of boxes of rummage sale leftover books to Goodwill, I pulled out three of them that made a nice graduated stack. Thinking that I could create my own little spooky tabletop library. That was as far as I got the first year.

Here we are a year later! I had packed away the books with the Halloween decorations. I know, clever thinking! The next step was to download some free creepy looking fonts and then print out some creepy sounding new titles for the books. The next step that I haven't quite gotten around to is to decoupage the new titles onto the spines of the books. Clearly I'm still thinking on this and may very well pack all of it up until next year. With only a week remaining until Halloween who knows what will transpire. 

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