Friday, September 25, 2015

It's a Pollack-Picasso

In the process of cleaning way back into the forgotten corners of my house, I have come across items that present disposal problems. Getting creative is the answer. As to an environmentally appropriate method to dispose of paint that is no longer usable, this is the recommended way to do it. I spread out a chunk of old shower curtain on the garage floor and dumped, yes, dumped, liquid paint onto it. With a fan in place to facilitate drying, every other day I added a thin layer of paint to the emerging work of art. The final result was the above, which was eventually rolled up and placed in the trash. I'm considering cropping and enlarging a photo of this mess and once suitably framed, hanging it on the wall. Perhaps eventually I can sell it for big bucks as a long lost masterpiece from the abstract latex school of portraiture. While the likelihood of that is slim, I highly recommend doing this. Mostly because it's fun to dump paint around in a slightly haphazard fashion.

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