Sunday, August 30, 2015

Culture in Columbus, Part One

Cory hauled me all over Columbus exposing me to multiple cultural experiences. The first stop was the Wexner Center For The Arts on the campus of Ohio State University. On display were the photographs of Catherine Opie. The exhibit was titled Portraits and Landscapes. I rather enjoyed her work, probably because some of it is morbid and creepy in tone. For instance, what is at first glance a portrait of an attractive human, then you look again and there is blood strategically placed in the image. There were lots of serious staff people all over the place. Dressed in blazers and all aloof. I didn't bring my camera in. That's the sort of thing that always gets me in trouble. Also on display were paintings created by Jack Whitten over a fifty year period. I enjoyed the chunky nature of some of the works that incorporated unexpected objects. I often think of myself as an impatient person, but there is something about the hushed nature of an art exhibit that makes time slow down for me. For that I am grateful.

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