Monday, August 31, 2015

All In The Family

Why did the members of my mother's family of origin lead such interesting, well, in some cases tumultuous, and often melodramatic lives? I like to think it was for the express purpose of providing fodder for future generations of writers. Like me. And my cousin Cory. Who writes plays which have actually been produced. He also writes short stories and, like me, has a novel (or three) languishing in various stages of completion. He launched his website today. So if you truly are the very smart and curious individual I know you to be, go here and take a look. No, I'm not getting a cut of any possible profits that may be generated. I'm enjoying basking in the glory of having such a talented young man in the family. Maybe hedging just a little to someday snag a role in one of his productions. Especially if such a role is based on moi. It's a family thing.

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