Sunday, July 12, 2015

What Are The Odds?

Last night I was out with Andrea and Jill to celebrate their shared birthday. What a lovely way to wind up my birthday week! Interestingly enough, when we moved out to the patio after dinner, the bartender confessed that he also has a July birthday and rolled up his sleeve to show off his symbolic crab tattoo. Andrea squealed and revealed her very similar tattoo. I described my tattoo of a blue crescent moon with the crab symbol nestled in its inside curve. But didn't show it due to the fact that said tat is located on my tummy and I was wearing a dress. I may burp loud and swear like a sailor, but I'm a lady, dammit! Even I have boundaries. I wouldn't be surprised if Jill is meeting with an artist at this very second to design her crab tattoo. This is a way cool club to be a member of and I'm certain she wants in.  

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