Saturday, June 27, 2015

Under Pressure

Co-enzyme Q-10. I take a 200 mg capsule every day. I've been doing this for nearly two months. I haven't seen numbers this good for years. Years. For the last two years I have been taking a very low dose of hydrochlorothiazide to lower my blood pressure. It has a list of over seventy, seventy, unpleasant side effects. And it didn't impact my blood pressure one stinking little bit. Turns out all it did was make me pee. A lot. According to the Mayo Clinic, Co-E Q-10 has been shown effective to lower blood pressure in clinical studies. It is a vitamin-like substance produced by the body and is essential for many organ functions and occurs in high concentrations in the first twenty years of life. After that production tapers off. The only listed side effect is that it may cause digestive distress so it should be taken with food. I expected that if I had gone in to see my doc about the lack of efficacy with the hydrochlorothiazide that the next step would have been to place me on another high blood pressure medication. Probably a combination diuretic, and if that wasn't effective then onto a beta-blocker or ace inhibitor or perhaps a calcium channel blocker. Each drug has greater potency and an increased possibility of more and varied side effects. Not a road I wanted to go down. I'm going to continue to monitor my blood pressure and hope my continuing efforts to eat more sensibly and be more active will reward me with an even lower reading. I really don't like the current state of how medical care is delivered! 

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