Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ode to Friedrich Nietzsche

I'm not dead. So I must be stronger. At this point I'm fairly certain I could bench press a toothpick. What happened, you say? Once again I have discovered by trial of fire who my true friends are and which ones are best left by the side of the road. I'm still not certain what all the fallout from this tempest will be. A storm not of my own making but somehow I got caught up in the middle of things. Maybe this is simply the occasional price I must pay for living with an open, trusting, and accepting heart. I refuse to armor myself with cynicism and anger. I may land at times in a deep trough of sadness but I know how to climb out. I have learned that the heights where happiness, love, and contentment dwell more than balance out those depths of sorrow.  It seems weird to be grateful that I can experience this range of emotion, particularly when engulfed by dark, somber clouds. If you can't feel the bad stuff I think it's likely you won't feel the good stuff either. And, yessir, I am ready for some good stuff to roll around.

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