Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ten Things About This Weekend

1. Terrific live music by the Hegg Brothers plus others, including the fabulous Miss Allison Nash and sax player extraordinaire Matt Wallace.

2. The best spoiling in the world courtesy of Jill. If there's any way you can work it out, make friends with her so you can be her house guest.

3. My picks for the Oscar nominated short films? From Norway, Me and My Moulton in the animated category and in live action, Boogaloo and Graham.

4. In reference to item 3, I feel eminently qualified to choose favorites as I viewed all the nominated shorts on Saturday.

5. Also in reference to item 3, it's just an opinion. My thoughts have no sway with nor influence on the Acadamy's ultimate decision.

6. The Drunk Kitchen is hilarious, as is its host and creator, Hannah Hart.

7. A bottomless mimosa accompanying brunch is pretty much the best thing civilization has to offer.

8. Brunch is made even better by having fab friends along for the ride. AndiBean and Andrea and Lindsey are the best. 

9. South Dakota winter weather is perhaps some of the shittiest around.

10. In reference to item 9, when shitty weather forces you to spend an extra day with some of your favorite people, it doesn't suck quite so much.

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