Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Merrell Janes

Last fall I was looking for some in-between sort of shoes. I mostly wear boots and sandals, with few choices in between. You know, for in-between weather and in-between seasons. Slightly dressier than a tennis shoe but not fussy. Often when I dream of a shoe, it either does not exist at all or only exists not in my size or not in my price range. Behold the best cross between a Mary Jane and a bedroom slipper! I love these shoes! Procured for twenty-five bucks. My feet are happy as is my bank account.

Call me a Merrell devotee, if you must, because last week I found Merrell hiking boots on a clearance rack and snatched them up. In my size and price range! I've been casually on the lookout for new hiking boots to replace my fifteen (at least) year old pair that have been relegated to around the house chore boots. Clearly I need to move to a more mountainous region. And take up hiking. Think I'll pass on the lederhosen.

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