Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday of Halloweek

I successfully de-knotted the string that my little skull-guy-in-the-top-hat hangs from. Special because it reminds me of the day sisters Pam and Martine and I spent at the Tucson Botanical Garden a year ago. Pam bought each of us this necklace and we wore them for the remainder of the week. In other news, when I get home from trivia tonight I will be able to park in the garage! A nice little seasonal accomplishment. Though the umbrella is still out on the deck. Flapping in the ill wind that is currently blowing. I also need to stash away the butterfly solar lights. As well as remember to disconnect the hose in the front yard. I let the furnace run two cycles this morning in order to banish the chill. My inner frugal Norwegian is telling me that one cycle would have been sufficient. I'll just ignore her and load the dishwasher. That should appease her and shut her up for a while. I think I shall call her Borghild. So now I could say, pipe down, Borhild, it's 46 degrees outside! How about if I load the dishwasher and do a load of laundry? Is that adequate penance? 

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