Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome to My Tuesday

1. Startled from a deep sleep by the landline ringing. The call was to confirm a nonexistent dental appointment.

2. Discovered that the son had devoured the remaining banana pancakes.

3. In reference to Item 2, he also used up the butter on said pancakes without removing more from the refrigerator.

4. In reference to Item 3, this meant that there was no soft butter for my toast.

5. Though I labored over attempting to solve it, I could not correctly answer the movie trivia calendar question for today.

6. It is overcast, gray and chilly outside.

7. After not sleeping well last night, which I am blaming on the full moon, Item 1 occurred so I went back to bed because of Item 6, causing me to oversleep.

8. Item 7 explains why I am still sitting here in my jammies.

9. Despite these unfortunate beginnings to my day, I am confident that what coffee has not solved a good, steamy shower shall.

10. In reference to Item 9, why am I still sitting here?

As far as Item 3 is concerned, the son pleads innocent to hogging the butter. Which means either I hogged it and forgot about it, I hogged it while sleepwalking or the cats are to blame. I mostly just think it's really cool that he read my blog. **The mom does a happy dance on her way off to bed.**

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