Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Birthday Activities

1. Sipping a lovely cup (and isn't it a lovely cup?) of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee this morning.

2. Reid ventured out to secure my fave breakfast sandwich. The McDonald's sausage McMuffin with egg. I know this is not the healthiest thing to eat, but I only indulge a few times a year. To balance it out I did drink a glass of orange juice and remembered to take my vitamins.

3. Enjoyed a six mile bike ride with the younger son. Beautiful day for it!

4. In lieu of cake these cookies will do. Most definitely. I am mildly befuddled by the fact that a serving is four cookies when they are packaged in layers of seven each. My OCD tendencies want me to eat them all. It just doesn't divide out evenly.

5. Reid and I will be having birthday dinner at the Knotty Pine. I always enjoy sneaking just across the state line into Minnesota for a meal. I know, I walk on that wild side.

6. Upon returning to Brookings I will have the son deliver me downtown to Jim's Tap where I will enjoy a birthday drink or two with friends. With any luck the son will stay awake late enough to pick me up at the end of the evening.

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